Group J: Victoria Davis and Gwendolyne O’Dea

13 Aug

Hi Mark and everyone in the 2pm tutorial!

It’s Gwendolyne O’Dea and Victoria Davis here.

Just to clarify our details, we are Group J, and will be presenting our blog post in week 9 on the topic; ‘Wikileaks & Anonymous: A New Open Flow of Information or Reassertion of State Power’.

Vicki’s WordPress username is: victoriadavis77 and Gwendolyne’s Wordpress username is: gwencommunicat

Vicki’s Twitter username is as above, Gwen’s Twitter username has an underscore in it: gwen_communicat. Here are our twitter links to make it easier to follow us, so we can also follow you. 🙂 and

In week 1 we were introduced to the topic ‘what is social media’? In discussing this, we were presented with a wide range of definitions. Wikipedia states that “Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among organizations, communities, and individuals”.

This quote does define the basic foundations of its primary function, but as the seminar continued we were introduced to videos such as “A Life on Facebook” which highlighted the importance and major impact that social networking sites have on our lives today. It seems to be that the online/digital recording of people’s life stories around the world is common place, and that raises many questions, speculations and arguments which we look forward to cover in the course of unit ACC3004.


Gwen and Vicki 🙂

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