Alexander Devereux, Bradley Hutchings, and Danh Vo – Week 4 Group

14 Aug

Hey Mark, and fellow students.
Originally we thought we were Group A as we were first to present in Week 4 (this week), but another group claims to be A so we’re not too sure what group we are.

Week 4 covered the topic of convergence and Web 2.0.

With our blog and presentation we covered what Web 2.0 is, how it works, what it’s used for, and the pros and cons of it. A particular point which I wanted to point out in our presentation is the discussion of the question ‘The creation of WEB 2.0 has made the social network boom possible, but are we really more social then we once were?’ There were a lot of good points made and a lot of different perspectives. It was quite complex topic and was left with an open ended answer.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed our presentation.

Alex, Brad and Danh.

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