Group A – Presenting Week 6

14 Aug

Hey there Mark! We are group A and are presenting on week 6. We will raise the question “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”. We’ll be taking a PRO stance on the issue, as we will be presenting with another group. My username is jakebertone. My other group members’ usernames are samuelokeefe and mconti531. What I found interesting in week one was how far we’ve come in relation to online media in such a short space of time. Our lives are now documented online, even if we don’t intend it to be (which is kind of scary). It’s a pressure that a lot of us have given in to because that’s the way life is going. If you aren’t online you’ll be left behind. Especially as its becoming more powerful all the time. Even by the day as the video we watched in week one showed. It is amazing to think that more information is created and shared than the day before. We’d never thought of social networks like this before.

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