Week 4 Post – Gail Power & Dee Tuncer Group H

20 Aug

This week we covered the topics of Convergence and Web 2.0;

Convergence is basically the idea that technology are now offered on various forms of media are inter twined, so for example the Hearld Sun isn’t just strictly a newspaper, it is now also available online or even TV programs are now also easier to view online and via a laptop or computer.

So basically it is the idea that different forms of media and now combined into 1 single media form, and you can access alot more information not stictly from 1 type of medium.

When talking about, Web 2.0 these days, it’s starting to mean a combination of the technology allowing the customers to actually interact with the information, some good example of Web 2.0 are;

Google Maps

So for example on Google maps you can write a review about an actual restaurant and you automatically update the information on Google maps, so it allows you to update the website and give users more communication to websites.

What website’s do you all interact with and post information on mainly, and what type of information would you share on these websites?

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