week 5 comment Group H Gail Powerdolan and Dee Tuncer

25 Aug

This week was very interesting. I learnt that social media participation is at the heart of many new debates and there are some increasing political concerns about public participation predominantly in the Western democracies. This I believe links in with the concept of E-democracy (a combination of electronic and democracy). E-democracy is concerned with the use of information and communication technologies to engage citizens, support the democratic decision- making processes and strengthen representative democracy. One aim of E-democracy is to broader and encourage more active citizen participation.   WEB.2 makes this possible and the use of other technologies such as mobile communications i.e. Smartphones. What do others think?

One Response to “week 5 comment Group H Gail Powerdolan and Dee Tuncer”

  1. deetuncer August 26, 2012 at 8:45 am #

    I do think e-democracy has given a louder voice to the make better informed public decisions, however at the end of the day the people in power still make the rules and decisions of what happens in society, unless there this a lot of people voicing and fighting for a particular topic or issue, then some changes might be made, but majority of the time its the people in power, for example carbon tax is still going ahead, although people are against it.

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