Assignment B. Brad Hutchings and Alex Devereux : SoundCloud

1 Oct


Soundcloud is an audio-sharing social media platform. Soundcloud is basically like the audio version of Twitter, online audio distribution platform which allows collaboration, promotion and distribution of audio recordings. Soundcloud is mainly used as a way for musicans to spread to music to a wide audience and have their material in one easily accessible platform for a way for them to be discovered by fans. It is also used for people to share voice recordings of various things.

Soundcloud works a lot like Twitter in the sense that you can follow people and people can follow you. When you follow someone you get notified every time they post an audio file, which you can also share with your followers. It is not just musicians that are Soundcloud, radio stations, comedians, news organizations and celebrities use Soundcloud to share audio with fans.

The main feature with Soundcloud is that it has multi-platform capability that is far greater than its competitors, such as MySpace. User can combine their Soundcloud account with their Face book and Twitter account which allows user an even wider reach of audience. If a Soundcloud user has their account linked with either their Face book or Twitter account then their Soundcloud activity appears as a post for their friends and/or followers to see on Face book or Twitter, this gives up loaders of content on Soundcloud an even bigger audience to reach. As well as following people on SoundCloud, users can    create and join groups that provide a common space for content to be collected and shared. SoundCloud distributes music using widgets and apps. Users can place the widget on their own websites or blogs and then SoundCloud will automatically Tweet every track uploaded.

Soundcloud is not only just a website, it also has mobile capabilities. Soundcloud uses an Application Programming interface that allows it not only be accessible through the website but also mobile applications to allow users to upload, stream and download audio on the go. The Soundcloud application is available on iPhone, iPad and android platforms.

The two main features of SoundCloud is uploading and recording audio and of course listening to audio. With uploading files all you have to do is upload the audio you have previously recorded which will then appear on your profile for your followers to listen to. User can also record the audio using their computer or mobile device which will then appear on their profile for their followers to listen to. Uploading content onto SoundCloud is very easy. The Waveform is the media player on Soundcloud that is used to listen to audio content. The Waveform depicts audio tracks graphically as waveforms and allows users to comment on specific parts of the track. The Waveform is a way of visualizing the sound for users. The Waveform also has timed comments where users can comment on specific parts of the audio.


SoundCloud profiles have statistics with the page which allows user to gain significant feedback on what they upload on SoundCloud. The statistics include things has as the number of page hits you are receiving, increase of followers, comments on the page and audio tracks and what tracks are getting the most plays. SoundCloud offers additional features to users with paid subscriptions. Such users are given more hosting space and may distribute their tracks or recordings to more groups and users, create sets of recordings, and more thoroughly track the statistics for each of their tracks. Additional statistic data are unlocked depending on which subscription the user has chosen, including the number of listens per track per user and the originating country of individual listens.

SoundCloud was established August 2007 in Berlin, Germany. SoundCloud was created by sound designers Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss with the idea of allowing musicians to share music with one another. However the company as evolved to a music distribution and publication site for musicians to share their music and interact with fans. SoundCloud challenged the Myspace music sharing platform, while allowing artists to distribute their music. SoundCloud as grown significantly in the five years since its creation. In 2010, SoundCloud had announced one million subscribers, and now in 2012 the internet based company has ten million subscribers, increasing ten times in two years, this is a sign of the rapid growth of the internet. The site is increasing by 1.5 million subscribers a month, which is quite a significant growth.

Soundcloud founders Alex Ljung and Eric Wahlforss

SoundCloud is aimed at musicians who are technologically savvy, and could be argued of a wealthier status. Music can be an expensive hobby, with all the instruments and recording equipment, however SoundCloud is a cheaper, easier and more viable option to reach the public. SoundCloud has stated that it is the leading social sound platform, therefore I believe SoundCloud to be aimed at artists ranging from the ages of 16-28. Social media websites are aimed at younger generations, and because of the file sharing aspects of SoundCloud, could be foreign to older users of the internet. SoundCloud is also involved with popular websites such as Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare, creating a linking atmosphere among these companies for the public to have access and be involved. SoundCloud has succeeded in creating a popular music sharing website, free of artistic arrogance and simple enough for most the public.

SoundCloud is a representation of the massive transformation in the music industry. The internet has become particularly popular for artists, musicians and music fans, and SoundCloud has been successful in creating a large community for these publics. Musicians now have the opportunity to easily share their music and possibly make a profit. However with the vast amount of people subscribed to the site makes it difficult for these musicians to reach an audience.

With twenty million subscribers and growing, music can be accessed and forgotten just as instantaneously. There is large competition in internet music with sites such as Youtube, Myspace, Pandora and, all offering similar services, so there is a lot of files to search until you find an artist which appeals to an individual. Will it get to the stage where the public becomes tired of searching through a huge amount of artists until they find what they like? Or is it already at that stage? It is said that vinyl is killing the mp3 industry, and while I don’t believe the statement to be totally true, I do believe the public is now finding their music through torrents or physical purchases and using sites such as SoundCloud as a secondary source.



Brad Hutchings – 3821514

Alex Devereux-3783843

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