Group H: Gail Powerdolan and Dee Tuncer Week 7 presentation Facebook

8 Aug

Hi Mark as you know from previous classes my name is Dee Tuncer, (short for Duygu), so just wanted to introduce myself once again, and as you know I will be doing my assessments with Gail Power (user name gailpow2), and presenting on Facebook.

Some of the things we discussed this week in the lecture were the original beginnings of Social Media websites, before Facebook was even in the picture; like Six degrees which went from 1997-2001, which didn’t last too long, as well as another website called Friendster which was brought out by a Malaysian company and now is a gaming website, and they believe the main reason it failed was too it crashing so often. Furthermore another interesting thing that I learned was that Facebook was originally for Harvard Students, to talk to other students and then it boomed in about 2006, and it is the most common used Social Media till this day.
Also we discussed in the tutorial weather people have different personalities online as compared to real life, which I think social media makes it less impersonal and you may not express personal and secretive things as you would in real life to other people.

Lastly I just wanted to raise the question, what is the main things people share, post and discuss on social media sites?

Good question Dee, well at the moment many are using twitter to send instant links and messages about the Olympics especially the athletes themselves such as Usain Bolt.   They are using twitter as it’s quick and easy. For those of you who do not  use it much, Twitter is a communications gateway that asks the question “What are you doing now?”users  such as Usain Bolt (the fastest man in the world) can answer and tell  millions of followers instantly what he is up too. Also Twitter is constantly use by other athletes as a  way of gaining support and  status.

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  1. taylormcvean August 9, 2012 at 1:49 am #

    Sarcasm and observation.

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