Week 11 Group: Rebecca Cunningham, Yvonne Elbigawe & Katy McCormick

14 Aug

Hi Mark, and everyone in the 2pm Tuesday Tutorial!

This is Rebecca Cunningham, Yvonne Elbigawe & Katy McCormick and we will be presenting our blog post in week 11 on Space and Mobility: Locative Social Media.

Our usernames are as follows:

Rebecca: acc3004rebeccacunningham

Yvonne: acc3004yvonneelbigawe

Katy: acc3004katymccormick

We found this an interesting topic as in today’s world, we can take social media with us anywhere we go via phones and tablets, and access it at any time of the day, where as 10 years ago this was near impossible. In week 11 we will be presenting information about the positive and negative effects that the mobility of social media has on us and the way in which it has shaped our youth and the world today.


Rebecca, Yvonne & Katy!

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